Eat, shop, and be merry @ Markaz Al Bahja

Muscat is the most popular city in Oman due to numerous reasons. The city is one of the fastest growing conurbations in the world and offers topnotch facilities to the people living here and also to the massive number of tourists visiting the place. The presence of Markaz Al Bahja mall, a state-of-the-art shopping facility that houses exemplary facilities is definitely a huge factor that takes the popularity of the city to soaring heights. If you’re in Muscat and want to eat, shop, and be merry there is no better place to visit than this fabulous mall!

To enjoy a world-class shopping experience without stepping out of the capital city of Oman, Markaz Al Bahja will be a splendid choice for sure. With around 3400 square meter space, spread across three floors,a building that was constructed fulfilling the likes of the urban crowd, with each and every step you take providing you with tremendous amounts of joy, this is one place that you shouldn’t miss out during your stay in Muscat. The mall is the final word for shopping in the whole city with all major international outlets having their stores displaying the latest range of products. For lifestyle needs, accessories, bags, footwear, and anything else that the shopping freak in you would need, the mall brings under one roof international as well as the top-rated local brands.

If you want to enjoy lip-smacking cuisines, be it quick bites or filling meals, the mall has plenty of options. The food court that is part of the mall has the most popular international food-chain brands with extremely hygienic facilities as well as plenty of food-counters selling authentic flavors from across the globe. You will definitely be able to enjoy a fine dining experience when you stop at the food court in between your shopping spree.

The mall also hosts amazing events during special occasions which make the place one of the most preferred destinations in the city during holidays. Be it to enjoy your weekend to take a break from your busy work schedules or to spend some memorable moments with your kith and kin during the holiday seasons, you will cherish each and every moment spent at Markaz Al Bahja. The mall for sure would be a destination in Muscat that you will keep visiting again and again due to the amazing facilities available and shopping options that are on offer all thru the year!

Markaz Al Bahja – Bringing the international shopping experience to Oman

When you travel around the world or browse through the web to take a look at the most splendid shopping options, you will be amazed to find the kind of facilities that are on offer today. If you’re in Muscat, you can as well enjoy the most amazing shopping experience that you had always yearned for! All you have to do is to visit Markaz Al Bahja, a shopping mall that redefines the international shopping expectations.

Markaz Al Bahja helps the people of Oman to avoid the trouble of traveling all the way to Dubai located in the neighboring country of United Arab Emirates to meet his or her shopping needs. The mall has the most elegant exteriors as well as interiors. From the minute you enter the mall, you will get to experience the beauty that is proof of international standards. The parking space that has enough room to accommodate more than 1200 cars and a wide area of around 3400m² of floor space, the mall will make you forget that you’re in a city which might not be as popular as a European shopping hub. If you want to take home some of the most glorified products in various categories or to simply window-shop and while away your time, you will have a jolly good time when you visit this amazing shopping mall located in the heart of the city.

The key reasons that make the mall popular among the masses are the wide variety of shopping options, both international as well as local, provided. You will be able to browse through the most expensive brands of attire and lifestyle range when you take a walk around the mall. You will also get to take a look at the top rated sports goods, kitchen accessories, footwear brands, and a lot more during your haul through this fab shopping space. If the shopping options do not mesmerize you, you should try out the food-court that is attached to the mall serving delectable cuisines that will satisfy the food cravings of all sorts of people. When you grab a seat after ordering a plate of your favorite dishes from one of the food stalls in the mall, you will sure transform yourself into a happy person irrespective of the mood that you were in till that very moment. Markaz Al Bahja is for sure one place that you should add to your list of places to visit in Muscat to enjoy an international shopping experience and it also is a place that you should not forget if you want to add some happy moments to your reminiscences.