Shopping hours @ Markaz al Bahja

If you want to enjoy an international shopping experience in Muscat, your destination should be none other than Markaz al Bahja, the shopping mall that is located in the heart of the city with all modern amenities!

On all weekdays, Monday to Thursday, you can set out on a shopping spree at the splendid mall from 10AM to 10PM. All the shopping outlets are open during these hours and you will get to choose from the fabulous range of international brands as well as the renowned local brands. The ground floor of the mall has the fashion and lifestyle section and you will be able to give a splendid update to your wardrobe after you stroll through this part of the mall. If you want to shop for computer accessories, you should head to the ground floor which is also the space that has more than 180 undercover parking bays. If you’re shopping with your family, you should not skip the upper ground floor of the mall which has all the well-known brands that are dear to the family shoppers.

The mall also houses entertainment zones and a wonderful food court that serves amazing delicacies which will fill your plates with a lot of diverse cuisines. The entertainment zone and food court are open for an extra hour even after all the shopping outlets are closed, during the weekdays. These are open from 10AM till 11PM.

During Fridays, there is a change in the opening and closing hours. The shopping outlets, entertainment zone, and food court are not open until 2PM and will be closed at 10PM. The food court is ideally located next to the family shopping corner which is in the upper ground floor. The entertainment zone is located in the lower ground floor and also close to the food court in the upper ground floor.

With ample parking space, amazing architecture, and availability of all sorts of shopping outlets, Markaz al Bahja is one place that you shouldn’t miss out if you are in Muscat. You will definitely be able to carry home chunks of joy in the shopping carts along with the world-class products that you buy!

Eid al-Adha shopping @ Markaz al Bahja

Eid al-Adha is fast approaching and it is time to get ready for yet another celebration this year with your kith and kin. If you want to make the best out of the holiday season and have a tremendous time with your friends and family, you should head to Markaz al Bahja this time! The state-of-the-art shopping mall that has been delivering millions of smiles to the shopping enthusiast in Muscat is all set to receive the festive season in all glory!

All the visitors to Markaz al Bahja will be able to enjoy special discounts and attractive offers at a wide range of shopping outlets in the mall. The shopping malls, coffee shops, salons, and food outlets in the mall will provide the visitors with stunning discounts and special offers to celebrate Eid al-Adha in its full splendor. To have some joyous moments with your special ones, to add some fond reminiscences to your memory, to gift your little ones with extra bits of joy, and finally to have a really good time for yourself, you should not miss out the Eid al-Adha shopping offers brought to you by Markaz al Bahja.

If you’re fond of shopping, you should definitely make use of the amazing offers in store for you. You can buy a lot more stuff than usual at significantly attractive prices if you enjoy Eid al-Adha shopping at Markaz al Bahja! The mall with all its fineness will be even more enticing and all decorated elegantly to welcome people from the city as well as different other parts of the globe.

With local and international brands showcasing splendid products that falls under numerous categories and a fully-fledged food court serving delicacies that sooth the taste buds of all sorts of people, your trip to Markaz al Bahja will definitely be cherished!

Renaissance Day:July 23

Renaissance Day will be celebrated across Oman on the 23rd of July to mark the importance of the day Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said rose to power as the King in 1970 and took adequate measures to end the sequestration faced by the country. The Sultan, who is still in position and taking the country to greater progress was the one who united Muscat and Oman and had named it the Sultanate of Oman. The government has declared a holiday for the employees at ministries, public authorities and other departments of the state’s administrative divisions on the 24th of July, Sunday to help people realize the importance of the day. The private firms will also be provided with a holiday to make sure that none is left out from celebrating the day that had changed the fate of the country positively.

The government announcement helps employees and employers to plan their work in an organized manner so that they get an extra day to celebrate with their dear ones. The government has also declared an official statement that all employees who’s weekly-off coincides with the holiday should be duly compensated as well. This definitely means celebration in the country!

A day that helps people to look back to the day in history that brought in a relevant change to the overall development of the country also doubles up as a holiday. The day also makes the people of Oman to think about the great potential of the true visionary Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said who has already demonstrated skills in governance. The rich educational background of the Sultan and the tenure His Majesty has served in England and Germany to meet various requirements during a young age did help His Majesty implement some fabulous measures in the country which in turn brought huge overall progress.

Days like this should be celebrated in style for sure. All the development, extravagance, and all sorts of goodies enjoyed by the people of Oman was probably possible only because of this historic day!

Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out: Visit albahjacinema#markazalbahja

If you want to enjoy your weekend productively with family enjoying some extraordinary moments, there is no better choice in Oman than Al Bahja Cinema. Located in the lower ground floor of the popular Al Bahja Shopping Mall in Muscat, the cinema offers state-of-the-art entertainment options to all film lovers.

If you want to watch the movie of your favorite stars enjoying the most impeccable clarity, hearing each and every sound note in a crystal clear manner, Al Bahja Cinema would be the most desirable choice. The sound quality and picture rendering is of immaculate quality which will make the experience of watching a movie a truly unforgettable experience.

If you want to enjoy the newly released Hollywood flicks enjoying amazing comfort in a cozy environment, munching your favorite snacks, you should visit Al Bahja Cinema. The seats in the cinemas are positioned well to ensure sound comfort and adequate support to avoid any distraction while you’re engaged in a visual treat.

You can use the official website: place your bookings after going through the list of currently showing movies. All the comfort and convenience you would anticipate while deciding to watch a movie with your family or friends would be met to the dot when you choose Al Bahja Cinema. During weekends and holidays, you shouldn’t forget to book your tickets in advance as the place is fast turning out to be the favorite hangout spot for the people of Oman.

With ample parking space and food options, you do not have to search for any other place to watch your favorite flick! Cinema is definitely a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out and Al Bahja Cinema is the complete package that you would want!

Discover the Eid shopping Difference @ Markaz al Bahja

Eid is a festival that brings with it a lot of joy. The season will bring people together and you will be able to enjoy the company of your kith and kin in the most special manner. This would also be one of the best time of the year to get something distinctive for your dear ones. To meet all your shopping needs to the dot during the festival of Eid Markaz al Bahja, beyond any doubt, would be the best place in Oman.

Special reasons to shop!
The splendid mall has outlets to buy the best quality dresses for your loved ones. You will be able to gift your dear ones including your family and friends with the best collection from the world of fashion by visiting the outlets in Markaz Al Bahja. The stores usually update their fashion wardrobes during the festival period to entice visitors and to provide an unmatchable shopping experience to everyone.

You might also want to get special gifts for your special ones. Markaz Al Bahja would never disappoint you when it comes to shopping for gift items. The stores in the mall will display some exquisitely crafted gift materials that will serve as an ever memorable Eid gift for your dear ones. You can browse through the shelves in the stores and snatch the ones that entice your interests.

Grocery shopping would also be an exuberant experience during the festive season if you visit Markaz Al Bahja. The departmental stores at the mall will provide you with all the stuff you would need to celebrate the festival in the best manner possible. You might also be able to get some high-quality stuff at rock-bottom prices. The whole country would be in a holiday mood and hence shopping during the period will definitely be a memorable experience.

Giving a revamp to home décor would also be best during the festival of Eid at Markaz Al Bahja. When you window shop, checking out the price tags of the most splendid home décor items, you will know for yourself the difference of shopping at Markaz Al Bahja. You will be able to enjoy the best prices for your favorite goods at the mall. You will hence be able to enjoy the best rates for literally all sorts of goods during your visit to Markaz Al Bahja during the cebration of Eid.

Special offers
Asgharali is providing a buy one get one free offer to make Eid truly special. You will also be able to enjoy up to 50% discounts at Matalan outlet in the mall. If you want to buy some furniture to beautify your homes, you should make use of the special 30% Eid discount sale happening at IDdesign. Al Jamil Opticals are offering a sale of up to 50% off during the festive season. You can also give your accessories wardrobe an uplift and grab a classy watch from Muscat Watch Center at amazing discounts. You will also find splendid offers that will save you a lot of money at all major outlets in Markaz Al Bahja. Is there a better reason to shop?
Head to Markaz Al Bahja and grab your favorite goods at never before prices to celebrate the joy of Eid!

Celebrate this Eid with Markaz Al Bahja

The time of the year again, when you spend your mornings fasting and indulging yourselves in prayers seeking the blessings of Almighty is now coming to an end, and the world is all set to celebrate the festival of Eid. The best way to celebrate would be to enjoy the holiday season with your dear ones at the most fabulous places in your city. Markaz Al Bahja, due to a huge bunch of reasons, would be an ideal destination to celebrate this Eid. The most popular shopping mall in Muscat is providing some stunning offers to celebrate the festival in absolute splendor.

You might be well aware of the specialties of the mall. Located in the heart of the city, with ample car parking space, and equipped with all modern amenities, Markaz Al Bahja is the best shopping destination in the country. The shopping outlets displays merchandise in various genres from international as well as local brands without ever compromising on quality standards.

The fabulous shopping options available in the mall makes it a one-stop-destination for your family’s never ending shopping needs. You can buy household articles, electronics, and your favorite brand of clothes to update your fashion statements by simply visiting this mall. To get new clothes to celebrate Eid in its full opulence and to buy everything you need to give a revamp to your homes during the jolly good season, Markaz Al Bahja would indeed be the best place.

The way the mall welcomes the festive season is another factor that drives in a lot of people to the place. From the moment you step into the mall, you will get to experience the essence of the festive season. With decorations and special offers at various outlets, you will be able to enjoy each and every moment spent in the mall with your special ones. When you are done loitering around in the mall and buying all the stuff you need, you will definitely be a happy soul. This is not only because you get to buy all your favorite stuff but also because you get to enjoy some splendid savings especially due to the festive season. The availability of special goods at various outlets to make the holy month even more special would be just another reason that will give you immense joy.

Different stores will also roll out amazing offers on the day of the festival. The food court will also be loaded with special delicacies from different parts of the world by expert chefs to tickle your taste buds and make the days of the festival extremely special. Drive to Markaz Al Bahja to experience the best of Eid in Oman!

Eat, shop, and be merry @ Markaz Al Bahja

Muscat is the most popular city in Oman due to numerous reasons. The city is one of the fastest growing conurbations in the world and offers topnotch facilities to the people living here and also to the massive number of tourists visiting the place. The presence of Markaz Al Bahja mall, a state-of-the-art shopping facility that houses exemplary facilities is definitely a huge factor that takes the popularity of the city to soaring heights. If you’re in Muscat and want to eat, shop, and be merry there is no better place to visit than this fabulous mall!

To enjoy a world-class shopping experience without stepping out of the capital city of Oman, Markaz Al Bahja will be a splendid choice for sure. With around 3400 square meter space, spread across three floors,a building that was constructed fulfilling the likes of the urban crowd, with each and every step you take providing you with tremendous amounts of joy, this is one place that you shouldn’t miss out during your stay in Muscat. The mall is the final word for shopping in the whole city with all major international outlets having their stores displaying the latest range of products. For lifestyle needs, accessories, bags, footwear, and anything else that the shopping freak in you would need, the mall brings under one roof international as well as the top-rated local brands.

If you want to enjoy lip-smacking cuisines, be it quick bites or filling meals, the mall has plenty of options. The food court that is part of the mall has the most popular international food-chain brands with extremely hygienic facilities as well as plenty of food-counters selling authentic flavors from across the globe. You will definitely be able to enjoy a fine dining experience when you stop at the food court in between your shopping spree.

The mall also hosts amazing events during special occasions which make the place one of the most preferred destinations in the city during holidays. Be it to enjoy your weekend to take a break from your busy work schedules or to spend some memorable moments with your kith and kin during the holiday seasons, you will cherish each and every moment spent at Markaz Al Bahja. The mall for sure would be a destination in Muscat that you will keep visiting again and again due to the amazing facilities available and shopping options that are on offer all thru the year!

Markaz Al Bahja – Bringing the international shopping experience to Oman

When you travel around the world or browse through the web to take a look at the most splendid shopping options, you will be amazed to find the kind of facilities that are on offer today. If you’re in Muscat, you can as well enjoy the most amazing shopping experience that you had always yearned for! All you have to do is to visit Markaz Al Bahja, a shopping mall that redefines the international shopping expectations.

Markaz Al Bahja helps the people of Oman to avoid the trouble of traveling all the way to Dubai located in the neighboring country of United Arab Emirates to meet his or her shopping needs. The mall has the most elegant exteriors as well as interiors. From the minute you enter the mall, you will get to experience the beauty that is proof of international standards. The parking space that has enough room to accommodate more than 1200 cars and a wide area of around 3400m² of floor space, the mall will make you forget that you’re in a city which might not be as popular as a European shopping hub. If you want to take home some of the most glorified products in various categories or to simply window-shop and while away your time, you will have a jolly good time when you visit this amazing shopping mall located in the heart of the city.

The key reasons that make the mall popular among the masses are the wide variety of shopping options, both international as well as local, provided. You will be able to browse through the most expensive brands of attire and lifestyle range when you take a walk around the mall. You will also get to take a look at the top rated sports goods, kitchen accessories, footwear brands, and a lot more during your haul through this fab shopping space. If the shopping options do not mesmerize you, you should try out the food-court that is attached to the mall serving delectable cuisines that will satisfy the food cravings of all sorts of people. When you grab a seat after ordering a plate of your favorite dishes from one of the food stalls in the mall, you will sure transform yourself into a happy person irrespective of the mood that you were in till that very moment. Markaz Al Bahja is for sure one place that you should add to your list of places to visit in Muscat to enjoy an international shopping experience and it also is a place that you should not forget if you want to add some happy moments to your reminiscences.

So many reasons to shop @ Markaz

In order to satisfy all your shopping needs to the dot, you now have a one-stop-solution in Muscat. Markaz Al Bahja is a fully equipped shopping mall that houses all sorts of most modern goodies in all categories. Be it to shop for Lifestyle products, accessories, kitchenware, fashion accessories, or gift articles, you now can get the most impeccable products at competitive rates from the various outlets in Markaz Al Bahja. The mall is an all-in-all package to suit all your shopping needs in the most perfect manner.

If you want to get yourself the most modern and trendy lifestyle products, Markaz Al Bahja would be the most feasible option in Muscat city. You will get to choose from a wide range of international and local brands, compare the quality, styles and prices with ease before adding items to your shopping bag and exiting out of the counter. There is no other place in the entire city that offers you with such splendid options to choose from.

Now think about getting the best brands and styles in fashion! The fashion outlets in Markaz Al Bahja have all major brands that are internationally acclaimed as well as some of the most trusted names from the local market. The outlets offer you a splendid display of products that will rekindle the fashion freak in you and transform you into a modernized version which will help to boost your overall confidence and pump you with a lot of joy.

When it comes to the entertainment segment, there are cinemas to watch the most popular movies enjoying all the luxury and comfort you would require during the entire time span. To hang out with friends, enjoy fruitful conversations, or to enjoy a jolly good time with your kith and kin over a meal or a cup of coffee, there are food courts and coffee shops that offer a splendid ambience.

The overall beauty of the place, the comfort facilities offered like assistance to the needy, and ample parking space, are other reasons to make this mall your favorite shopping destination in Muscat. Now, you shouldn’t wait any longer to enjoy an international shopping experience in the city without having to cross any borders! Visit Markaz Al Bahja today!

Welcome to the world @ Markaz

If you want to take a day off from the hustle and bustle of your daily schedules and enjoy a mind-blowing shopping experience, visit Markaz Al Bahja, a state-of-the-art shopping mall located in the heart of Muscat city. With over 34,000 square meter of shopping space and presence of renowned international as well as local brands, your entire shopping needs will be met on a single visit to this splendid mall. Markaz Al Bahja is a world of its own, which stay distinctly apart from the rest of the city while blending in well with the requirements of all the people living in the country.

From the time you step into the Markaz Al Bahja mall, you will start to experience an all-new world of shopping excellence. The fabulous aesthetics of the place will rub you with a happy feeling which will keep growing as you set out and explore the place. Each and every outlet in the mall has a story to speak due to the splendid display of products in the most elegant manner. The Lower-ground floor would be the ideal place to start with your exploration. You will be greeted by the display banner of two world class cinemas and plenty of outlets selling products like kitchen accessories, computer accessories, and even a pizza corner. You will also be enthralled by the architectural brilliance of the people who designed the mall when you see the undercover parking bays.

The ground floor is the most elegant part of the mall with outlets selling lifestyle products as well as the most updated fashion accessories and attires. You will find plenty of international brands in this part of the mall and also some of the most promising local brands selling exquisite products of amazing quality.

The mall is also a fabulous place to take home some graceful pieces of furniture. If you want to give a revamp to your bedroom, drawing room, or your work spaces, you can browse through a wide range of furniture brought to you by the trusted name in Oman, IDdesign. If you want to take a short break and refresh yourself in between or after the shopping spree, you can relax at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and enjoy Californian brewed beverages.