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During the weekends, you would definitely want to spend some quality time with your family and friends. If you’re in Muscat, the capital city of Oman, you now have a fabulous mall, Markaz al Bahja, which is packed with lifestyle stores, accessory outlets, and a fabulous food court serving the most delicious cuisines. You can walk through your life adding umpteen flavors of fun by visiting this aesthetically brilliant shopping mall.

There are quite a lot of factors that makeMarkaz al Bahja a mall that stays close to your life. The pristine location of the mall is one of the key reasons. It is easily accessible from major parts of the city and has adequate parking facilities too. You will hence not have to worry about securely parking your favorite automobiles while you are deeply engaged in a shopping spree with your kith and kin.

All major international brands have outlets in Markaz al Bahja and there are also plenty of other outlets from premium local brands. All sorts of lifestyle needs will be satisfied when you visit this mall. The fashion stores in this mall will help to keep your wardrobes updated based on the latest trends in the market. You will also get to buy the best accessories that will complement your attire and fashion standards in the most impeccable manner.

You can also choose this mall, if you want to go on a casual coffee date with your friend or a romantic date with your special one. The ambiance you get to enjoy in this mall is fabulous and will suit all sorts of occasions. The elegance quotient that you are provided with when you take each and every step inside the mall will leave you in joy for sure. After all, you would want to stay happy when you visit a mall during your weekends or any other day and get your minds refreshed.

Markaz al Bahja, beyond doubts, is the perfect hangout for you and your family during any day because of the exemplary facilities and the architectural brilliance of the place. Be it to enjoy a day out with your toddlers or to have some fun moments with your friends, this is the best place to be in Muscat!

It’s all inside @ Markaz al Bahja


To indulge in a mesmerizing shopping experience with aesthetically pleasing outlets from all reputed local and international brands serving you with impeccable products, head to Markaz al Bahja the most renowned mall in Oman. From the moment you park your car and enter the mall, you will not have to step out to serve any of your needs until you satisfy your shopping urges to the fullest. If you’re hiring a cab, you will be dropped off at the entrance from where you’ll start experiencing the best of shopping facilities from the time you take your first step in. With elegant interiors, cozy colors on the walls, and detailed efforts to add to the overall grace of the place, you will understand the efforts of the architects and designers who helped in constructing the mall right from the time you take your first glimpse.

Markaz al Bahja is a shopping mall that has been designed with exceptional architectural brilliance. The interiors are extremely beautiful and might deceive you into forgetting about the world outside all the time you’re inside. It is the perfect venue to spend your weekends with your kith and kin. If you want to get a special gift to your partner or buy something gorgeous for your little ones, you wouldn’t find a better place. Markaz al Bahja has it all – shops selling candies and desserts to the most prominent fashion brand outlets.

The mall is well equipped to handle all your shopping needs. Name a shopping genre and you will get to buy your favorite stuff from a renowned dealer. You will have access to multiple escalators and lifts to move from one floor to another. Like a butterfly fluttering and flying from one flower to another, you can ease your way from one outlet to another inside the mall. You will be able to make use of trolleys to carry your shopping bags to your cars or leave it at the baggage counter when you stop for a quickTo top it all, the wide range of eateries that offer you with the most delectable starter dishes and delicious dessert items that will melt in your mouth, the food court at Markaz al Bahja will make the trip to the mall memorable forever.

Food court @ Markaz al Bahja

posterTickle your taste buds – Visit the Food court @ Markaz al Bahja

Markaz al Bahja has already earned a lot of fame in Oman due to its state-of-the-art architecture and the availability of stunning products from both international and local brands. Another reason that makes the mall a hot favorite among the masses is its very own Food court.

Located in a spacious section within the mall, the food court at Markaz al Bahja brings to your table delicious dishes from across the globe. The food court will be the best option for all sorts of people visiting the mall to stop for a quick munch or a lip-smacking lunch. If you want to stop for a refreshing drink in between your shopping binge or want to quench your hunger with a filling meal after spending hours in the mall, the food court will indeed be a splendid option.

The Food court @ Markaz al Bahja brings together global names in the food and beverages segment in an easily accessible manner. The food court has well-spaced tables and chairs arranged to perfection to seat a large number of people. You will hence be able to order starters from one place, soup from another, main course from a different restaurant counter, and finally the dessert from another one of your choice. All the food and beverage options in the food court are conveniently located to make it easily reachable for the people settling down around any table. You will hence be able to place your orders easily and enjoy a scrumptious meal with your dear ones by visiting the food court @ Markaz al Bahja.

The food court is also one of the best places to include in your list as a rendezvous for get-togethers with friends. Since the place has umpteen food options, all your friends will be able to order their preferred delicacies during the get-together which will make the overall experience extremely joyous and memorable. Now, this is definitely another reason that makes the food court @ Markaz al Bahja a hot favorite!